Paint Protection

For those who really love cars

OpticShield™ is an ultra clear polyurethane film that provides car paint with an ultimate protection as well as the other exposed car body parts. Thanks to anti-shock, water repelling and self-healing features OpticShield™ film ensures a perfect protection. Film excels at long durability, utmost clarity and exceptional resistance.

Why paint protection?

Remember that new car feeling? The flawless finish of the paintwork made you determined to wash it weekly, and never with the dishwashing liquid like you did before. Then there is the car park.... you choose the remotest spot to avoid trolleys and other car doors. Sound familiar? But you can’t keep it up for ever. Sooner or later the paint will lose its lustre and perfect finish.

Stone chips will appear and everyday wear and tear will have its impact on the finish of your car’s exterior. It is inevitable, the more you drive your car the more it will happen. Sure, you can get this damage touched up but you’d have to visit the panel beater monthly to keep the car looking showroom quality. What if there was a way to protect your car without altering its colour, look or finish?

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a long lasting, virtually invisible film that is moulded to your car’s surfaces. It seals in the existing paintwork and enhances it with an additional level of gloss whilst adding a self-healing clear coat that is scratch resistant and extremely durable. To ease any worries about applying something permanent to your car you can be confident that Paint Protection Film is 100% removable from factory paintwork without any effect. Self-healing technology within Paint Protection Film is the ability for the Film’s topcoat layer to mend itself when washing marks, swirls or light scratches are introduced to the surface of the film. Roughly 0.15 mm thick, the topcoat heals over time with exposure to heat from the sun or can be accelerated by introducing hot water or heat from a hair dryer. The scratches literally disappear.

Why Opticshield?

OpticShield™ Paint Protection film excels at long durability, high glossiness and self-healing properties. A special nano coating provides hydrophobicity so the excessive water drains out of the car body. Our films comprise of self-healing elastomeric polymers eliminating scratches with no direct contribution of yours.

Not only OpticShield™ self-heals, but prevents decontamination and yellowing. No other competitive products have a combination of all features, only individual ones. It is down to specially produced elastomeric polymer, that not only eliminates surface damage, but has greater hardness and resistance to external factors, chemicals including. Hence, OpticShield™ belongs amongst the best in the product class. A perfect protection of your car in the long-run. For more info visit

It´s not just about cars

Paint Protection Film is typically applied to the most vulnerable areas of vehicles such as a hood, bumper, mirrors, handles, handle cups, etc. It remains unnoticed to the naked eye, provides ultimate protection to the car from everyday wear and tear, enhances glossiness. OpticShield™ is virtually maintenance-free as it prevents from debris, water stains, and other impurities.

Not only the cars, but also other vehicles such as airplanes, boats, motorcycles as well as the electronic devices can be protected with the OpticShield.


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