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WrapStyle company was founded in 2012, however its roots date back to 2006, when we provided the general public a window tinting service under the name of TinTek. We literally started in a garage, and we had nothing but vision and determination. In 2008, we made our first attempts in full wraps. At that time, however, a car body wrapped in a vinyl was rather utopian. Still, we believed in this product and tried to break through.

Despite some initial misunderstandings by the customers, car wrapping has found its supporters and the company has begun to get ahead. Thanks to our determination to push the boundaries of wrapping, we did what the was seemingly impossible in 2008. We were the first in the world to wrap a Chevrolet Camaro in a mirror film vinyl known as chrome wrap.

This project had become so popular on social networks that almost every car website had featured it. We were immediately shot upwards and started to get requests from all over the world. Thus, we opened our first foreign branch in Dubai in 2012, under the new brand name of WrapStyle. Our goal has been to spread high-quality service combined with superior customer care both Czech Republic and overseas. Qatar and other destinations followed up to current 25+ shops in 20 countries. The company wraps thousands of cars a year. WrapStyle offers five basic services: car wrapping (color change – full wrap, partial wrap), paint protection film, window tinting, ceramic coatings and design.

Why we do, what we do

Our main goal is customers´ satisfaction. Our result combines a perfect service with high-quality materials and customer care. Each of the projects should end with client´s pride and joy from the result and the feeling of a job well done. Our branches produce unique pieces of work every day, and we are thrilled to be part of it..

It was a nice experience to share our story with Forbes Česko and we are grateful for this opportunity. WrapStyle family would never be such a big and international without all our franchises around the world. Click on pic to read whole article.

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  • WrapStyle Timeline - 2000


    When Martin met Marek, everything changed

  • WrapStyle Timeline - 2002


    First attempt of car full wrap

  • WrapStyle Timeline - 2006


    Established the Tintek Company and our first Ferrari

  • WrapStyle Timeline - 2012


    WrapStyle Origin, registered trademark and first branch in Dubai

  • WrapStyle Timeline - 2013


    Opening the first branch in Qatar

  • WrapStyle Timeline - 2016


    Represented in 12 countries

  • WrapStyle Timeline - 2020


    25+ shops around the world

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