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  • The first full-wrap Bugatti Chiron


    The first full-wrap of this car was realized at Dubai Branch. This car is one of the fastest in the world. The expected maximum speed is over 480 km/h. The design was inspired by the Flag of the United Arab Emirates and created on the occasion of the National Day. National Day is celebrated on 2 December each year in the United Arab…

  • New Adress in Dubai


    WrapStyle™ Dubai has been working on relocating our branch to a bigger better location. We are almost there, unfortunately running a bit late on the schedule. But what's coming is totally worth the wait.

    Our previous location is taken by a new comer in the industry. WrapStyle™ being the global leader in car styling supports all…

  • WrapStyle Dubai and Modesta


    WrapStyle Dubai has signed an exclusive deal with Modesta to bring the Best Ceramic Coating globally to Dubai. Booking has now started dubai@wrapstyle.com

  • Gumball


    The famous Gumball race returns again this year. Our Dubai and Prague branches wrap the cars in this prestigious millionaire race around the world every year. This time, the two cars we wrapped for the race are Mercedes SLS AMG and Ferrari Italia.