Perfect protection with Optic Shield™

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Perfect protection with Optic Shield™
October 18, 2022

If you wrap your car in the protective foil Optic Shield™ Nano, you don't have to worry about scratches or paint color degradation. Instead, treat your vehicle to perfect protection.

Optic Shield™ Nano foil is highly durable and has several exceptional features. In addition, it stands out for its self-regenerating ability, thanks to which surface damage caused by the daily operation of your vehicle is healed. The principle consists of using a specially produced type of elastomeric polymer, which provides the resulting material with high viscosity and elasticity.

The Optic Shield™ Nano foil is 100% transparent. In addition, the combination of materials used during the production guarantees 100% clarity without yellowing, thanks to enhanced protection against UV light. So there is no change in the color of your car's body either.

The polyester base and covering top layer ensure the smoothest surface as it's possible and guarantee a perfect shine. There is no danger of the "orange skin" effect.

The use of thermoplastic polyurethane ensures high strength and resistance of the foil against environmental influences, including chemicals. Furthermore, the unique Nano surface perfectly prevents the penetration of dirt or other particles. Thanks to this, there is no material degradation, and we can guarantee you exceptional durability (lifetime?) for ten years!

The protective foil Optic Shield™ Nano is a flexible material that easily adapts to all body curves. In addition, the adhesive layer guarantees perfect adhesion of the foil to the surface, thus preventing the foil from coming off or forming bubbles.

Are you wondering how difficult it will be to take care of your car with Optic Shield™ Nano foil? On the contrary, it has never been easier. The unique nano treatment reduces surface tension, the foil thus becomes highly hydrophobic, and water and dust particles do not stick to the body's surface.

Maintaining your car has never been easier and faster. However, if you wish to care for your Optic Shield™ foil so that it lasts even longer than the guaranteed lifetime, we recommend care using a hybrid wax. It is a form of acrylic polymer designed to protect polyurethane foils. The protective film protects the material from the environment's influence, insects or constant exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Optic Shield™ Nano protective films and hybrid wax are available at all branch offices Wrapstyle.


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