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  • WrapStyle Malaysia


    WrapStyle™ have now further expanded into Southeast Asia and continues as one of the world's leading car styling company. Selangor Branch of Malaysia is now active. We will be announcing the date of grand opening soon. Full operations will start from 1st August 2015. We welcome all and look forward to further extending our services in the…

  • WrapStyle Dubai and Gumball 3000


    WrapStyle Dubai has once again wrapped the Gumball 3000 Team 89 Dream Machine, but this time around has managed to shadow the Top Gumball 3000 2015 line up. The 2016 AMG GT-S looks as good as it gets in Matte Purple with Matte Red Accents. One of WrapStyle Dubai's Subtle Masterpieces.

  • WrapStyle Dubai and Modesta


    WrapStyle Dubai has signed an exclusive deal with Modesta to bring the Best Ceramic Coating globally to Dubai. Booking has now started dubai@wrapstyle.com

  • WrapStyle offers new car cosmetics products


    Finally! WrapStyle introduces car cosmetics, specially adapted for wrapping films. Our new product line of car care products includes wax, quick detailer for glossy and matte films and a car-shampoo.