Premium car styling company


Precision job in every detail. We provide car wrapping, boat wrapping, paint protection, polishing, window and lights tinting services. We are also able to prepare rims design, perform their repainting or secure their paint durability. We are open to all kinds of cooperation.

In 2011, a Czech company TinTek decided to start a unique project targeted at offering exclusive services of the highest rank. This resulted in founding a WrapStyle™ s.r.o. enterprise, fusion of perfect craftsmanship, professionalism and years of experience. We are a company who take maximum care of your car, always act kindly and approach individually every client. Wrapping cars has been increasingly popular during the past few years and we, being innovative and exclusive, set trends worldwide when it comes to windows tinting, hi-tech 3D films or professional graphic design which results in bringing always a unique design just for your car.


WrapStyle Singapore

WRAP 225 have successfully bought over WrapStyle™ Franchise and will be the 1st ever high quality car wrap boutique, representing WrapStyle™ in the whole of Asia. In order to give our clients the best services and experiences that they deserved, we will be launching our new SG premise with full clean room facilities and other enhancements.


Fast Furious 7 and WrapStyle

The Fast & Furious 7 cast has made its way to Abu Dhabi and Dubai to begin shooting scenes for the upcoming film sequel of this history making franchise. They kicked things off at the Emirates Palace hotel. WrapStyle is proud to be part of this iconic movie series through wrapping two of the cars at our Dubai branch.

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